Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 & a Preverbal Slap to the Face

I was recently exposed to a story that went something like this...

"I heard there was a guy who was out camping and had to go into one of those 'wilderness toilets' you know, the hole kind! So he sitting down getting on with the business of pooping when a rather perturbed porcupine rockets up the hole and spears him in the balls...he died"

Why the teller felt the need to recant such a tale in a conversation regarding the eternal struggle between the fair sex's opinion of toilet seat position was beyond me. Like a train wreak however it is impossible one started to avert ones ears; I will be sure now to thoroughly check all 'wilderness toilets' for potential porcupines. Perhaps it was tales like these that the brothers Grimm collected on their journey through Europe, I am sure today that there is an App for such relevant folk lore.

The year that was '2011' passed in somewhat of a blur & it would appear that I now have both a life and a plan, at least in the short run. So far here is a preview of what is to come in 2012...

Start the season off right with 4 triathlons in 3 days at Triple-T teamed with Kory

Get back to where it all began with the Western Subaru Series Triathlons (5 Total)

Rock as many of the long distance swims as I can with VOWSA including the Bay Challenge

Return once more to swim in lovely Thetis Lake for 5km

Finally Finish the Summer off right with friends and family at Iron Man Canada

Oh and along the way I might actually get some career work done, so stick around and find out how far this sack o' meat will go in the 2012 Season!


  1. Awesome Scott, I couldn't help but noticed you left out one of the big swims of this month already - Polar Bear Swim!